welcome to the poésie privée blog, image of pink roses and magazine with photograph by Paolo Rovers on white crumbled linen sheets


Hello my dear friend – what a joy to have you here!

This new universe landed as a visual idea in my head at the beginning of this very strange time in history when travel was out of bounds. The imagination took flight instead, materialising in what you see right here – a collection of my fine art prints and products I've designed, surrounded by a Paris-inspired world. You have no idea how happy it makes me to finally be able to invite you to jump onboard, too. 

The voyage has only just begun. My head is spinning with ideas for new additions to the shop and content to share through the blog and other social channels. It's a one-woman show and a learning curve, so I would very much appreciate your feedback! If you notice anything that's not quite working as it should or you have ideas you'd like too share, I'd love to hear from you – just jot me a line via email at or message me on Instagram

I hope you keep returning, not just to browse the shop but to read the blog and follow along on Instagram and other socials – you will find an updated list of links in the Contact section.You will find out more about Poésie Privée and myself in the About section of the website.

For now, it's tchin-tchin to a "nouveau chapitre"!



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