image of vignette with sculpture and ceramics reflected through vintage gold mirror


a summer heatwave.

a longing for softness,


delicate, cool cotton against the skin,

flowers in powdery hues,

pausing in the tender light.

close-up image of pale pink and white flowers

those longings begin to creep in front of the lens.

the simplest things.

I started missing my old blog a little,

the intimacy I feel it had.

it made me think why not channel

some of that mood here once in a while,

make it a more personal space.

suddenly it feels right,

like finding one’s feet in a new home.

close-up self-portrait with white cotton sleeve and withered roses in the foreground

a sort of new beginning,

or layer that somehow in my head

makes this place feel more whole.

so glad you came round ~

I’ll get the coffee on.



  • Thank you so much for your kind words dear Kim! I so agree with your sentiments about IG… All the algorithms and strategising make it a disheartening place at times. Kind of missing the simple connection and deeper reflections <3

    Rebecca / poésie privée
  • I’ve been feeling the same lately. Missing the writing and feeling a bit of emptiness when it comes to Instagram at times. Maybe it’s time to put more intention into my online journal. Thank you for inspiring.

    Kim T.

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